Force Measurement in all its variety

Force transducers and load cells

Force Transducers change mechanical strain into an electrical signal. Normally at nominal load the unamplified output signal is 2 mV/V. By means of an internal or external amplifier the output signal is amplified to 0…10 V or 4….20 mA. Digital outputs as CANopen are also available. It is important to ensure, that force tranducers are not exposed to transverse force or torsion when installed.

Primoforce® MA Load Pins

ZDA – Tension- and Compression Force Transducers

Primoforce® SST Shear Beams

primoforce® MD + MMD Compression Force transducers / LOAD cells

Primoforce® SY + MSY Mini S-Type

Primoforce® RKA Force Ring Transducers

Primoforce® ZDM Process Force transducers

Primoforce® PFW Single Point Load Cells

Primoforce® FSS Yarn Tension Sensors

Primoforce® SHA
Load Shackle