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Products for stage technology

In stage technology force transducers are due to the high safety standards very common. They detect loads. Used in upper or lower machinery they are mounted directly in the force flow or act indirectly as torque arm of drives.

Standard geometries of force transducers can be found below. Customized modifications are no problem for us. In addition to amplified output signals variations with test signal (TÜV certified) are used.

Often it is useful to measure and evaluate multiple loads. At an elevator podium with 4 lifts for example the total load is of interest. Additionally the overloading of a single lifting unit – e.g. caused by too big load on a corner – should be detected and the lifting process should be interrupted. The S-Box of Primosensor fullfills these requirements. Up to 8 signals were summated. Every single one of them is tested for overload and cable break.

On this page you will find common force transducer geometries for thie specific application as load pins (measuring axles), shear beams, load cells. Also customized modifications of force transducers are our daily work. Talk with us about it. In addition to the amplified output signals also variants with test signal (certified by TÜV) are available.

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