Electronics for force transducers and load cells

Force transducers prevent overload situations in machines and technical systems due to applied tension, compression or weight forces. Or that consistent product quality is achieved in manufacturing processes. Load cells, which are also force transducers, have the task of precisely determining weights and outputting them in standard units.

Sophisticated electronics are an important prerequisite for force transducers and load cells to function reliably: these ensure that the forces are precisely measured, evaluated and displayed. In many cases, force transducers and load cells are also intelligently connected to higher-level systems and control units. Primosensor offers a comprehensive selection of (evaluation) electronics for these purposes.

Panel Mounting

Hat Rail Mounting

Desk Housing

Large displays

Junction Boxes

Amplifier in Alu-Die-Cast Housing

Measuring amplifiers for a wide range of applications

Inside the force transducers are strain gages, arranged in the form of a Wheatstone bridge circuit. These register when the force transducer or load cell is deformed by the forces acting on it and convert this information into a change in electrical resistance. This change in resistance is electrically evaluated and processed by suitable amplifier electronics. For example, by amplifying and converting them into reliable, standardized analogue or digital signals. Our range includes a number of such amplifiers and display devices:

  • Analogue measuring amplifier with standardized analogue output signals: 4…20mA / 0…+/-5V / 0…+/-10V
  • Fully redundant (2-channel), diversely designed measuring amplifiers with output signal 2×4…20 mA for redundant force transducers with 2 strain gauge full bridges. These measuring amplifiers are particularly suitable for increased safety requirements.
  • Digital measuring amplifiers with serial and bus interfaces such as RS-232 / RS-485 / USB / CANopen / ProfiBus / ProfiNet / Ethernet / …
  • Limit value switch with relay contacts in analog and digital version
  • Hand-held display devices with LCD display for mobile use
  • Stationary display devices for panel mounting or as desktop measuring devices with optional analog, digital and bus interfaces
  • Optional SIL electronics, complies with IEC 61508/61511, SIL3 for applications in stage technology with redundant controls

Easy to integrate and operate

Depending on the design and geometry of the force transducer, limit value switches, analog and digital measuring amplifiers can also be integrated directly into the force transducer. The prerequisite for this is that the space available in the sensor allows it.

However, if it is not possible to place amplifier electronics directly in the sensor, there are also alternatives. This means that a measuring amplifier can also be mounted on a top-hat rail in the control cabinet. Another solution is cable measuring amplifiers built into the measuring cable.

Digital display units with four or five-digit LCD displays, which are directly visible to the operator, ensure clarity. The display units provide information on current measured values and can be accommodated either in a panel cut-out or in a desktop housing. If you want to stay mobile instead, it is best to use a digital, battery-operated LCD hand-held display device. They are often used in the field of test and measurement technology in particular, where only occasional checks are carried out: for example in quality assurance, in service or when commissioning a new system.

We would be happy to advise you on the various options and compatible force transducers or load cells. Just get in touch with us!

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