Force sensors for
cranes and hoists

Force sensors for
cranes and hoists

Force sensors in cranes and hoists are essential not only for moving loads safely but also to protect workers, machines, and plants. In some cases, using force sensors is legally required, for example in stage technology, when loads are to be moved over the heads of people.


Usual application

Safety and prolonged lifespan

Force sensors in cranes and hoists help detecting and therefore avoiding overload and slack rope situations. They also deliver the required data for load spectrum recorders.

Cranes are exposed to various kinds of mechanical stress. If the scope of the exposure is measured and shown accordingly, maintenance intervals can be planned and performed as necessary. This does not only improve safety while operating the crane but also guarantee and prolong its lifespan.

Easy retrofitting

All cranes and hoists benefit significantly from being retrofitted with force sensors. How convenient, that such an upgrade is possible for any kind of crane. Load pins such as the Primosensor MA and MAH series are the most popular force sensors used in cranes. Even they can easily be retrofitted with our rope clamp SKS or a tensile force transducer (Primosensor ZDA / ZML) at the rope fixing point. We offer suitable devices for assessing, displaying and switching (limit switch) which can be connected to the force sensors, too.

Learn more about our product:

MAH (Messachse Heavy Duty)

Lifting and crane technology products

The redundant design of our force sensors makes them even safer. Safety data sheets in accordance with safety standards EN 13849 (PL) or EN 61508 (SIL) are available.

Our clients typically use our force sensors to measure loads on the following kinds of cranes:

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Messachse Heavy Duty

Tension measuring link

Rope Force Sensor

Load Shackle

Tension- and Compression Force Transducers

Compression force transducers

Strain Transducer

Press-fit sensors

Digital indicator
for panel-mounting

Large displays

Limit switch and strain gauge amplifier
for hat rail mounting

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