Silo weighing and vessel weighing

We offer the necessary high quality components to weigh your silos, vessels, and tanks. With our load cells and weighing modules, you can easily set up a precise and safe tank scale. All our components have been tried and tested for years. The design combines knowledge and skills from decades of using weighing applications.

Single point load cells

Bending and shear beam load cells, modules

Tension load cells (type S)

Compression load cells

High load weighing modules
(incl. high load load cells)

Weighing electronics
(amplifiers, indicators, and supplies)

A weighing technology approach not only consists of load cells under or on a vessel but also of suitable processing and evaluation of signals.

We offer precise digital amplifiers and displays equipped with all common digital ports. They help connecting the measuring system with your PLC or higher-level control system.

Contact us via telephone or email.

We are looking forward to finding the perfect solution for you. You would like to choose the most suitable components yourself? Check out our Weighing technology shop. The shop includes complete scale kits (= silo kits) for silos and vessels with three or four feet.

We not only assist during project stage or when choosing the right components for your application but also after acquiring the necessary equipment, for example with assemblage or commissioning.

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