Products for the
Drive technology

Products for the
Drive technology

Drives are systems that generate a linear or rotary movement as required in machines, robots or other mechanical devices. It is crucial to know the forces or torques applied in order to ensure optimum performance and durability.

Various sensors or measuring systems are used to measure forces or torques, such as compression force transducers, tensile force transducers, strain sensors or torque sensors. This enables the precise design of components, prevents overloading or premature wear and, most importantly, increases quality and safety in manufacturing processes such as joining or welding. It also helps to identify potential weak points at an early stage and reduce them accordingly, which ultimately increases the safety and efficiency of the drive systems.

Force measurement in drives refers to the applied tensile or compressive forces or the applied pressure in a movement unit.

The torque measurement refers accordingly to the torques applied by the drive. These can be measured “directly” via corresponding torque sensors, but also “indirectly” by means of a torque arm via force sensors.

Precise force measurement

In technical applications, precise force measurements play a decisive role and the method selected depends on the specific requirements of the area of application. Knowledge of the applied and applied force in drive systems is essential to ensure that the drive unit works efficiently and reliably.

The individual requirements of the applications can be diverse and range from precise force measurements for the fine-tuning of robots to the monitoring of loads in industrial linear movements for conveyor belts and cable hoists. Selecting the appropriate method for force measurement makes it possible to ensure that the drive unit operates within safe limits. This is not only important for the longevity and efficiency of the machine, but also for the safety of people and other systems in the vicinity. Also for quality monitoring and safety in manufacturing and production processes.

Force measurement in/on linear drives

Force measurement in linear actuators is crucial for precise performance. Different sensors such as compression force sensors, tensile force sensors or strain sensors are used depending on the requirements of the application. The measurements and evaluations not only ensure that the drive unit is working within its operating limits, but also monitor the efficient delivery of the desired power. In an industrial context, precise force measurement enables optimum monitoring and control of linear movements. This leads to improved efficiency and reliability of the machines and systems.

Force measurement on the drive

Tension- and Compression Force Transducers ZDA

Mini S-Type MSY

Force measurement in the drive

Ring Force Transducer RKA

Miniature ring force transducer MRK

Torque measurement in the drivetrain

(Direct) torque measurement in the drivetrain is of crucial importance for monitoring the performance of machines and systems in which monitoring via force sensors is not desired or possible. Torque sensors (such as our DMS and DMR series) are used to (directly) measure the applied torque, which provides information about the torques acting in the drive system. These precise measurements not only enable the optimization of efficiency and performance, but also serve to monitor and avoid overload situations.

In the automotive industry, torque measurement is essential for adjusting engine performance and fuel efficiency, which is something that everyone – at least somewhat technically savvy drivers – is familiar with. It is all the more important in industrial applications. This is because it ensures precise control of torque transmissions in production machines and production systems, but also on tubular shaft hoists, hoist gears or push chains in the field of stage technology. Torque measurement is therefore a key component for reliable and effective functionality of the entire drivetrain.

Torque Measuring Rings with high accuracy DMR

Torque Measuring Rings DMS

Ideal force measurement for linear actuators or torques for your project.

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