Force Measurement in all its variety

Development of new production areas

Primosensor has been expanding since its establishment in 2010. It has been growing continuously and manageably, because growth must be planned in order to ensure that higher quantity does not lead to a loss in quality. After founding a production company in Jasionka (district Rzesów, Poland) in December 2016, which made serial production possible, the […]

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Is there a loose screw? Ring force tranducer in miniature format.

You want to know if – still – all screws are tight? Then our new mass-produced ring force transducers are the solution for you. The small, flat “washers”, just the size of a one-euro coin, are able to measure static and dynamic forces. They can be used to monitor forces on the screw and detect […]

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System for measuring electrode forces

Electrode force measurement on welding guns (spot welding, resistance welding) During the manufacture of vehicle bodies, welding robots are mainly used. The various body parts are connected to welding points. Differently designed welding tongs set the connection points in the desired locations. Electrode forces, welding current and welding time are controlled in order to achieve […]

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