Is there a loose screw? Ring force tranducer in miniature format.

You want to know if – still – all screws are tight? Then our new mass-produced ring force transducers are the solution for you. The small, flat “washers”, just the size of a one-euro coin, are able to measure static and dynamic forces. They can be used to monitor forces on the screw and detect settling effects or changes in the preload. If the screw loosens in the thread or even breaks it, the contact pressure changes immediately registers the ring force transducer and passes it on as a signal to the downstream system.

So far, these load cells have been used primarily in the incoming goods inspection or laboratories to test the strength and load capacity of screws that are later used in mass production such as in the automobile manufacture. But a customer discovered a whole new field of application for himself and thought, „better safe than sorry!“ Since then, he uses our ring force transducers in miniature size in his plants to prevent damage caused by defective screws.

This was a good reason for us to develop other miniature force transducers and to mass-produce them in stock. The fact that such small dimensions must be paid attention to the perfect workmanship in order to avoid false measuring results is demonstrated by the particularly fine and clean laser welding seams.

The ring force transducers for screw diameters from M6 to M12 cover nominal loads from 20 kN to 100 kN. All information is available in our data sheets. If you need further information or information about your specific application, please contact us.

Datasheet ring force tranducerDatasheet compressive force transducer


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