Force Measurement in all its variety
Faster. Stronger. More features. Safety is required!



Always faster. Always stronger. And more and more extensive functions. This not only applies to technical devices such as means of transport or machines in private life and everyday use. This applies above all to industrial plants. Because wherever life is exposed to strong forces, loads and movements, there are high safety requirements or even specified by safety standards.

That is why Primosensor offers services and products under the trademark Primosafe® that meet these requirements. We support developers and designers as early as the planning phase and create extensive analyzes and documentation that make it possible to define failure probabilities for components in order to classify them according to the safety level from EN 13849 or EN61508. And if safety requires it, we also design our force sensors redundantly and thus achieve even higher safety levels. We supply safety characteristics in accordance with both the EN 13849 safety standard (= PL) and EN 61508 (= SIL).

But even if it is “only” about expensive systems and high costs that an operator incurs in the event of a failure, it can be crucial to intervene before it happens.

You can find out more about functional safety (FuSi) here.


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