Strain gauges bonded

Most force transducers are produced with glued strain gauges. We at Primosensor always doublecheck whether the customer’s requirements can be fulfilled better by using thin or thick film technology.

Strain gauges can be used in various ways. Measurement springs exist in almost every shape. Flat or spherical surfaces can be used to determine strains. Sensors with nominal loads from a few grams up to several hundred tons can easily be produced. If sensors are optimally applied, they achieve accuracy within ppm range.


Strain gauges were invented as early as in 1938. Force sensors have been built with them ever since, as they enable a huge variety of geometries. Using strain gauges, high-precision force sensors (load cells) can be produced.

Strain gauges: meander-shaped resistors on a carrier film

Spezial DMS im Fadenkreuz

Force sensors are usually measurement springs which elastically deform when load is applied. Strain gauges are glued to their strain and compression zones. Wired to a Wheatstone bridge, they produce a load-proportional, electrical output signal.

The strain gauges are meander-shaped resistors on a carrier film, which makes them extremely versatile. They can be easily adjusted to any measurement spring material, such as steels or aluminium. As both flat and spherical surfaces can be used to detect strains, the number of possible forms for measurement springs is almost unlimited.

Strain gages Accuracies in the ppm range

Despite nominal loads between a few grams and several hundred tons, accuracy within ppm range can be achieved if all components are perfectly adjusted to each other. However, most industrial applications require accuracy in range of 0.2….2% which allows us to significantly reduce production effort.

Common types of force sensors are load pins, tension force sensors, S-types, and shears. All standard designs are available in our online shop. For special requirements, please call +49 6071 63467 50 or fill in our request form We will be happy to advise you on +49 6071 63467 50.

dms ZDA Leiterplatte-35b

We carry a wide range of products with bonded strain gauges

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Force transducers

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Torque Transducers and Measuring Rings

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