Force Measurement in all its variety

Thick Film Technology

The thick-film technology is known as a production method of pressure sensors, and hybrid circuits. Primosensor breaks new ground and is using this technology for the production of force sensors

Our carrier material of the thick-film structure is not ceramics but stainless steel. This ensures the characteristics as a spring and the strength durability against overload of the force transducer. In a multistage process insulation, resistance and contact layers are printed and sintered at 850°C. A passivation layer is responsible for the barrier against the environment.

Low-load sensors which have a no great demand on space can be manufactured very cheap and long-term stable. The sensors are processed in batches and separated afterwards. The 10 kOhm-Wheatstone Bridge requires little energy and this makes them interesting for battery powered applications. A k-factor of 6-8 enables either extremely overload resistant or low-noise transducers. By incorporating a preamplifier on the sensor surface the force transducer becomes a „hybrid sensor“, which is characterized by a extremly compact design.