Force Measurement in all its variety
Measuring loads during complex 2- and 3- dimensional movements with multiple actuators



One of our Dutch clients develops hoists for stage and entertainment technology. With those, the company is setting new global standards when it comes to lifting 2- or 3-dimensional stage elements such as crossbeams for lighting equipment and props, podiums or entire performance stages.

Huge and variable loads must be moved in an especially challenging area of application, with many people working there, for example actors, dancers, musicians, stagehands and staff.

Loads attached to two or more corner points are moved by means of the actuators developed by our client. Information about total load and any loads occurring at the traction points is registered by shackles, which we have particularly designed for such use, assessed by the
associated software and reported to the system developed by our client. The system will immediately analyze cases of over- or underload and might even stop the process if necessary, in order to prevent damage. The system thereby satisfies the unique and uncompromising
requirements of the entertainment industry.



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