Force Measurement in all its variety

New brochure 2020

Force transducers are used in many different industries and technologies; the variety of possible applications is hard to grasp. Therefore, we decided to create a new brochure: to give you an insight into our company, our product range, and the applicability of force measuring technology.

On 20 pages, you learn where our products have their big performances and how they are tested in order to ensure highest quality standards. We also explain why we use not only glued strain gauges, but also thin or thick film technology in some cases. The brochure includes an overview of our product range – and a list of customized approaches which we have developed. Glimpse behind the scenes of our company: We present the studies we are currently conducting, enabling us to offer innovative and customized approaches now, as well as in the future.

There is a reason for our company motto: “Force measurement in all its variety.” We have been living up to it for more than 10 years, designing, developing and producing force transducers for international customers. If you would like to have a look at our new brochure online, please find it here. You can also download it (file size: ca. 5 MB). We are happy to send you the print edition on request. We are looking forward to your message or your call!