Minimum effort, maximum effect: This is how our new force transducer for cables works



Force sensor SKS Steel cables are used not only in ship hoists and suspension bridges but also cranes, hoists and in architecture. There, they hold or move huge loads and are therefore exposed to massive tension forces. In order to prevent overload, lifting and tension forces should be measured regularly. This is the only way to secure safe operation.

These forces can only be measured accurately using special instruments, such as the rope force sensor SKS, which we developed. The SKS has a decisive advantage compared to common force sensors. Ropes do not need to be taken down or existing structures to be changed for the SKS to measure lifting and tension forces.

Instead, the SKS combines a force sensor’s technology with the mechanical characteristics of a rope clamp. It is easy to use: clamp, connect, adjust, and measure. The integrated amplifier creates an interference-free 4–20 mA signal that transmits the data over long distances to an analysis unit.

The rope force sensor can both permanently monitor loads and securely detect over- or underload situations. Combined with our Primosensor indicators and limit switches, loads can be visualized or devices automatically switched off, if necessary. By the way: Our new digital limit switch DGS4116 perfectly complements the rope force sensor SKS.

All important specifications about the SKS at a glance:

  • Nominal loads: 10 kN, 20 kN, and 35 kN (other nominal loads on request)
  • Usable from 8 to 18 mm without modification
  • No other cable guides, shanks or clamps needed – easy set-up and few error sources reduce costs and increase safety
  • Including LED at the sensor indicator that shows whether the right operating voltage is used: Makes it easy to detect errors
  • Easy set-up due to socket at the sensor (M12x1),
  • with a 4-20 mA output signal. Available with either two or three wires

For further details, please check the datasheet.


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