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Rope Force Sensor

Model: SKS

Determine the load on hoist ropes with rope force sensors without any effort.

The tensile force on hoist ropes can easily be measuredwith rope force sensors. The sensors can be installedand operated without having to make changes to thelifting device. An integrated amplifier generates aninterference-independent 4…20mA measurement signalthat can be sent over long distances to an evaluationunit.
The rope force sensor is suitable for both continuousload monitoring and the detection of overloads andunderloads. Together with Primosensor indicators andlimit switches, the load can either be visualized and / orthe load can be switched off directly.

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All products can be customized.

You need a Rope Force Sensor specifically customized to your needs? No problem! Whether shape or design, material or ports, analog or digital output signals – our team develops the load cell you need, single-handedly or in cooperation with your team. Our staff has not only the know-how and years of experience in developing force measuring technology but also the required tools and machines to make the prototype you need.

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