Force Measurement in all its variety
Flat, Precise and COLORED – the new Process Force Transducer from Primosensor



In many technical applications only small space is available for force measurement. An extra flat transducer can be the solution. With only 14 mm height the new force transducer from Primosensor fulfills this requirement.

Beyond that one size covers all nominal loads from 0.2 up to 20 kN! That means with uniform connecting dimensions you can measure small and big forces exactly. With standard mounting devices – as grub screws, swivel or fork heads – the force transducer can be made fit for the desired measurement: tension, compression or tension/compression. As a matter of course, we like to advise you in order to find a way to integrate the force transducer in your machine or plant free of lateral forces. By painting in desired color and a customized nameplate the integration in your machine is done perfectly.

Fork Head
Ball Point Screw
Swivel Head


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